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Welcome to the Dunkelberger.info site. 

I understand that it all started in the early 1700's,1710, when 3 Dunkelberger men came to the new world, from Germany.  A handful of men named Dunkelberger fought in the revolutionary war.  Many more men named Dunkelberger fought in the Civil War.  The Dunkelberger family has a long and strong place in American history. 

I am descended from one of these original 3 Dunkelberger brothers, as are many others out there.  There are thousands of Dunkelbergers across America now.  I recently saw a national TV ad that mentions a Mr. Dunkelberger.  Several people have pointed out the ad to me.     

 I hope to be able to set up a free or economical forum or blog regarding people with the name Dunkelberger and their relatives.  I have access to some historical information on my linage, and many of yours,  that I hope to be able to share in some interactive format.  There are annual reunions for various branches of the Dunkelberger clan that could be shared here also. 

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We can offer various services here, such as:
1) Personalized email forwarding.  If your name is Samuel Dunkelberger, we can set you up with a personalized email address, like samuel @ dunkelberger.info. 
2) Personalized domain redirect, like www.dunkelberger.info/samuel.  People going to this site will be sent to another site of your choice. 
3) A combination of both.  Then you would have a www.dunkelberger.info/samuel domain redirect to your site and an email address of samuel @ dunkelberger.info besides. 
Benefits include: 
1) These services can make you look and feel more important. 
2) They will give people the impression or prove that you are computer savvy, even if you are not. 
3) They are easy for you and others to remember. Who can not remember their name?  
Imagine someone asking for your email address and you tell them that it is the same as your name.  I think that is awesome.  It can set you apart from others.  This would be much nicer to put on a business card or write on a napkin, right?  Customers and family find the dunkelberger.info easy to remember and use. 
You can have this email redirect service for only $12 a year.  This works out to only $1 a month.
You can have this domain redirect service for only $12 a year.  This works out to only $1 a month.
You can have both the this email redirect service and the domain redirect service for only $20 (Save $4) a year.  That is like getting 2 months for free.
Currently we can accept Liberty Reserve, PayPal (no CC), or Cash (MoneyGram, some USA bank deposits or USPS money orders).   
Later we will offer dunkelberger.info subdomains, that would look like www.samuel.dunkelberger.info.   This could be used as a redirect. It could hold a basic web site, with the information you provide, including links to other sites.   It could look similar to this page, but with your information. How cool is that?    We do not have prices for the subdomain products yet. 

To initiate a dunkelberger.info email redirect or domain redirect:
Just email us at sales @ dunkelberger.com,  with your request.  
1) Tell us which product or products you want. 
2) Tell us what name or initials you wish to use.  Send a second choice, just in case.
4) Tell us the email and/or the website you want them to be redirected to.
5) Tell us how you wish to pay. 
We will email you to confirm it is available and provide payment instructions. 

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